10 June, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 4:13

This is the thirteenth and final section of the fourth chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.

Since it's a Friday and this is the last bit of the chapter I thought I'd finish off by posting this even if it does mean two posts in one day. It's also a turning point in the novel at last I have stopped setting up the pieces and can start moving them around. I'm really looking forward to posting chapter five as that's when things start to break.
What this does mean is I need to make a decision, and spend more time on getting the next novel finished so I can start posting that. True I'm not even a quarter of the way through SFAP yet but time goes fast. The question is what to concentrate on? I'm really getting into writing Orchestral Plutonium but that's a whole bunch of new characters to set up and it's proving hard work, Tyranny of Convenience however is really quite an easy write because it's a straight continuation of SFAP. Bah I need more time.

Malka led on her bed staring at the roof watching a particularly large shoal of fish swim by, it wasn’t often she got a chance to stop and see them. As they swam past she tried to drift off to sleep, her body was still aching from the last training exercise. Every day was a different scenario of some form. Not all of them in the simulator, many were in an informal discussion setting, but that normally meant a more diplomatic method was needed and it was these mental exercises that she had been untrained for.
Malka cursed as the door chimed that someone was waiting to be welcomed in “Come” she shouted.
“Malka, excellent I’ve caught you in” it was the ever enthusiastic Gwen.
“Yes Sir” Malka pulled herself up “Can I help?”
“I wondered what you were still doing here.”
“Resting.” she felt her aching shoulder twinge from the effort of pulling herself up to a sitting position “have I missed something?”
“No, well yes, I just come to tell you that we’re breaking up. Well it looks like everyone could do with a break. So I thought I’d tell you in person.”
“You just thought you’d drop this on us?”
“Yes, keep you on your toes in all things.”
“Thanks, you do realise this means there’s nothing I can have planned”
“All the better.”
Malka glared at Gwen “For some maybe”
“Trust me, take a risk” said Gwen walking out of the room.
Malka stared at the closing door and went back to the bed. She spent a few minutes wondering how to get someone to come and work on her back and gave up and drifted off to sleep.

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