09 June, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 4:10

This is the tenth section of the fourth chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.

Sorry for not posting yesterday, so playing catch up today. Interesting to see we're at the bit that inspired the novel title. Maybe now the name will make sense, maybe not. Better than the working title for about half of the book's writing which was "newbie drive". Again maybe the reason for that will be obvious and reflect what the story was going to be about before I started thinking about life on the Habitat and that took over.

“Well you’ll have an opinion on this”
“On what?” Asked Laurence
“This article I’m reading”.
“Go on”
“Well it’s a weird one, theory goes that there’s new universes being created all the time the space time distortion of their mass wraps them up beyond our access. They even go on to say they think that all matter in this universe is actually the space time distortion of another universe and so on”
“Turtles all the way down” grumbled Laurence dismissively “That which makes no difference makes no difference;  if we can’t prove it then what’s the point”?
“Ah, but that’s the point, they’re trying to prove it. They reason that in this universe there must be some alien sufficiently advanced that they are trying to communicate with those outside the universe, and if that is the case in this universe it would be the case in all others.”
“So they’d have to have a measurable effect on the entire universe significant enough to be measurable from the outside. Interesting that if the energies involved are sufficient then it crosses universes. Good thought but pity those universes whose atoms make up black holes”
“Does that make us significant though if we’re both trillions of universes from every particle in our body and insignificant if we’re just a single atom in some other being’s piss. At the same time nothing and everything.”
Laurence looked Tom up and down “Some people find art in a dead cow if you mount it in the right way and put it in the right museum. For me the only worthwhile part is the discussion. Anyway none of this really changes how you live your day to day life, even if we did discover our whole universe was but a single quark in some ant’s piss does that really matter how you love your friends or treat your fellow man.”
“Well.” Tom hesitated unsure of a response
“I think you know the answer to that one, anyway how are they trying to find this, it’s not as if they could shake the whole universe and wait for someone to notice”
“Nope they’re watching for tiny measurable irregularities in entangled atoms. Not sure what that means but they reckon that quantum entanglement is when one universe couples to another universe to leach resources from it”
“Crackpot, utter rubbish”
“You think?”
“Get back to me when they are receiving sonnets from a proton.” Laurence took a slug of a drink and sat back “So what’s with the change anyway, what happened to you trying to sleep with everyone on board”
“Just because you’re antisocial doesn’t mean we all have to be”
“Buying someone a drink is being social; trying to swap every body fluid you can is promiscuous.”
“Human society runs on fluid exchange in one shape or form. It always has done and always will. You should join me you’ll have fun.”
“No, Jane has plans for me for tonight, you go and exchange some fluids, remember that last time you tried to get me together with someone, awful failure”
“Well the offer of a re-vamp of your profile is still open”
“I’ll pass”

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