08 March, 2011

[SFAP] Thoughts so far

Since it was such a short section today I thought I'd post some commentary about how it's going and what my thoughts so far were.
Well the world hasn't beaten a path to my door - unsurprisingly - but I'm glad to get this out there.
While I consider the novel complete there's a bit in the second half where I would like to expand on one of the character's experiences as part of some character development but I've no good way to keep him in trouble for a long time, it just feels like writing filler instead of getting on with the plot. But this may be my only chance to flesh out this aspect of the culture of the Habitat.
Also there's the problem of balancing improving/expanding this novel verses writing the next one.
Maybe if this novel is liked then that kind of thing is what you put in the printed version...

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