02 March, 2011

[SFAP] Sonnets from a Proton Introduction

So here we go, sonnets from a proton. My first attempt at a novel.
Published one section at a time. Comments welcome.
I must stress this like everything I write is written for my own pleasure. The genre is pretty much space opera, not sure if that helps.
I may just publish the first chapter, I may do more. If you want more, comment and let me know. If you want less, well you know what not to read ;-)

The novel itself is effectively the second chapter in my future history. The first chapter of the overall story is outlined and ready to be written, but I think it works better as being referred to but never fully told. Who knows I may get bored one day and tell that, but I have the next three chapters after SFAP fleshed out, so we'll see.
I will step up and say that SFAP was heavily influenced initially by a thought experiment I conducted based on Iain M Banks' Culture novels. I had the rough idea for the main plot but I needed an unfamiliar humanity and a source of conflict, and that thought experiment provided the glue. However I will explicitly state that the universe is not that of the Culture, the drones are not Culture drones and where they live is not an Orbital. More than that until the plot progresses a little I don't want to reveal too much.

For the moment I'll (try and) do one post per weekday. Again let's see how it goes before I commit to more than this.

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