15 March, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 1:11

This is the eleventh section of the first chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.
Sort one today, so since the next one is quite exposition heavy, I'll post that one too.

The world continued to fall, or at least the part of it that Martin was sat on did.
“That really does feel weird”
“Be glad you’re not a bird or a rabbit, just look at them” Martin pointed to birds that were trying to get back into their nests in the tress but kept missing them.
“The rabbits look like the old moon landing astronauts. They’re bounding ridiculously”
“Well we’re now down to lunar gravity, will be for most of the rest of today, add into that the acceleration to speed up the rotation and we’re going to have some confused critters out there.”
“Guess that explains why I’m having to lean slightly too”
“Anyway are you going to sit down and join me or just stand there?”
“Sit? On the grass”
“Would you prefer the sand dunes?”
“No no, it’s just there’s a reason I don’t come out here, I’ll get my trousers wet and dirty”
“And you’ll drop them in a basket when you get home and they’ll be cleaned, come on. I insist.”
“Fine, but if the drones start to revolt because of my dirty washing I’ll blame you”
“So why are you here, keeping the old man company? Huh?”

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