19 October, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 12:5

This is the fifth section of the twelfth chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.

Laurence’s eyes squinted at the bright lights in the room “So why am I back here?”
“You don’t think we didn't kept an eye on your conversations? I recognise a potential ally when I see one. Look, you are a business man and your interests are hurt by the Habitat. Hurt quite badly, so you should be able to work on our side.”
“Look I’m not.”
“You’re not a relation of  Stephen Fillwick I’ve heard you tell me this already. Look, let me tell you more about what’s going on here, you might now be persuaded.” James paused mentally gathering his tools “There’s no point in using our resources to attack the main installations – while our fighters give us the edge for the moment we don’t want to provoke the military too hard, we’d never be able to hold it in the long term. As for telling you the whole of our plan, who do you think I am? Blowfeld? Suffice to say the fighters are only good for local missions, they may have awesome thrust and be able to get from the asteroid belt to Earth in a matter of hours under full thrust, just no human could survive them at full thrust of 30 or so G, and at sufficiently low acceleration to accommodate humans then it would take too long for the fighters life support to be able to support them. No these are good for local defence only. The point is to cause a ruckus here and show what humans can do.
“Certain members of the military establishment thought they were using me but I have no plans to follow their mission, while our goals may coincide they’re not perfectly attuned to each other. If you are the child genius you claim to be or who I believe you really are doesn’t matter, either of those options is useful to me if you can be convinced of the usefulness of what we plan to do and have already started. I don’t have long though, it can’t be long before someone attacks here and when they do all who are left behind will be dead”

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