08 November, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 13:4

This is the final section of the thirteenth chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.

“Malka you heard the call?”
“Yes I’m just on my way” she replied back to thin air. She still didn’t like this shouting at nothing but it must have been the fashion when this place was built.
“Good” came Gwen’s voice over the comms system “it might not be aliens this time but they need us.”
“Something we haven’t really prepared for” with this Malka grabbed her back and charged out of the room down the corridor towards the transport tube.
Gwen’s voice followed her “What have they told you so far?”
“Just to get to the Oppenheimer.”
“Well you’re the Captain of that now. Some good troops been assigned to you.”
“None of us though.”
“Don’t worry they’ve been trained with the simulator as well they’re as good as any of us.”
“Because we’re up against humans” she was starting to get out of breath now but had almost reached the transport tube.
“They should be more predictable.”
“Where will you be?”
“I’m taking the Teller, there’s also the Compton and the Halban.”
“No-one else?”
“No we’re holding those in reserve. Can’t show all our hand yet especially with these relativistic craft”
“What? How?”
“Don’t ask, but they’ll be going nearly ten percent light speed when they pass Earth”
Malka ground to a halt at that“You sure they’ll pass?”
“If they hit then there’s nothing we can do to save Earth.”
She started running again, “we’ve got to get up there.”
“You’ll be the first, the Oppenheimer is the closest to this base.”

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