08 September, 2011

[SFAP] Chapter 9:4

This is the fourth section of the ninth chapter of Sonnets from a Proton. The novel starts here.
The next section is here.

“They’re coming then?” asked Alice
“We’re set, don’t worry” replied Jo
“How aggressive do you think they’ll be in their first strike?”
“It shouldn’t matter”
“Yes but what if they strike the asteroids themselves?”
“And wipe out the evidence for their justification? Oh no they’ll want us captured, alive and as evidence to show the might of their new military. Otherwise they wouldn’t send a ship, just missiles.”
“No reason they can’t alter the records, it’s been done before”
“And who would care?” replied Alice “Their only reason to not do that is because someone will care and I’m not sure anyone would.”
“No I have faith on this one, these guys will at least try to do it by the book.” Jo paused “To begin with anyway.”

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